To show off publicly while shirtless. Drawing attention to oneself generally in a cheesy way while shirtless
Why's that dude Labranting over there?! Put a damn shirt on son!
by GuyFawkesJeep October 04, 2020
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The Labrant family is a family that makes daily YouTube videos on their family channel! The mom is Savannah the Dad is Cole they have three kids Everleigh (8 years old) Posie (2 years old) and Baby Zealand (5 months old)
Someone: hi what are you doing
Someone else: watching The Labrant Fam they are so fun and cute!
by okayyyyyyyyy3 January 02, 2021
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Savannah LaBrant, often referred to Sav, Savy, Rose, or Rosie by fans. Married to Cole LaBrant and mother to Everleigh Rose and baby p. She is the sweetest kind hearted woman. Her smile will leave you in shock, her laugh will make your heart flutter, she is the most beautiful woman ever. If your lucky enough to hold her and be her one your lucky. She 1/infinity and loved by all of her fans🖤
Stranger: Who’s your idle
You: Savannah LaBrant😍
by stanningsavv October 21, 2018
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Posie Labrant is so cute! Pretty blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes! so amazing and has a great personality! everyone should stride to be like Posie Rayne!
oh, i wish i could be like Posie LaBrant!
by noahschnappedmeheart December 10, 2019
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The LaBrant Fam are the best YouTubers ever. They have the cutest 3 kids. Their channel was originally called Cole and Sav. Savannah LaBrant is very inspiring. They have a book too. Go follow my fp for them: @labrantfamforeverfan on TikTok.
Panjeet: hey! you wanna play among us?
me: no I have a new YouTube video from The LaBrant fam and I'm gonna reread their book for the 7th time :) :)
by YouTubeLover1! February 06, 2021
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Trash and boring the parents are just exploit they kids and they just bad people
the labrant family more like the labrat family
by fgteevfan7861 October 13, 2021
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