Posie is ship between Josie Saltzman and Penelope Park. This ship can be seen on CW’s Legacies. They were originally together before the series started, however they broke up. Posie better be endgame or else the gays will be ready to fight.
Omg I fuckin love posie. My gay ass is shook
by your gay cousin December 7, 2018
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Posie is the name of a beautiful girl, the idea of being young forever. Posie is the word meaning ‘forever young’. She is cherished by everyone and is extremely loved. Posie is normally the heart of the family.
That girl is definitely a Posie!
by Nameloverknight January 4, 2019
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Posie is a beautiful, rare, an unique name.
Kaitlyn I wrote this definition of the word Posie
by Tsl_17 January 5, 2019
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Posie means you’re a boss ass bitch but also caring and isn’t afraid to throw hands if necessary. She’s an amazing and wonderful person with a personality of a goddess
*see’s a girl whooping ass*
Damm she looks like a Posie
by Gelert October 11, 2019
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Posie (collective noun)

A posse of gay guys; a bunch of pansies.
"he came with a huge posie"
by hughey October 22, 2005
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A great but criminally little-known alt rock group around mostly in the eighties and nineties. Best songs: (In my opinion!) Solar Sister, Earlier than Expected. Heavily influenced by Big Star, and they sound like they were influenced by Teenage Fanclub. Most popular album is probably Frosting On The Beater.
Me: Er, I like The Posies?
Other person: You what?
by FrequentlyConfusedTeenager January 4, 2009
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posie is the ultimate love story between the selfless and the selfish, with josie saltzman being the compassionate and self-sacrificing half, while penelope park is the all-too-confident and possessive one of the two. although they are broken up, it is obvious that neither of the two have moved on from each other thus the reason why they will be endgame. they are so powerful that not even the merge will get in between them.
girl 1: oh look it’s 2am, time for a posie breakdown
girl 2: who should i kill next in my posie au
girl 3: maybe i snapped with this posie edit
by posiepark December 31, 2019
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