17'5 4 (0mpu73r l4ngu4g3. 17 g375 4nn0'/1ng 4f73r 4 wh1l3. 700 b4d 1f u (4n'7 r34d 7h15.
if you can read l337, vote one.
by munkees rulez!!! November 22, 2003
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Created in 1980 by the original hackers of the Bulletin Board System. l337 is a variation os the word 'leet', which itself is derived from the word elite. Elite has been used in the past to designate a group of users as belonging to a higher social echelon than other users. The term Elite was gained from the classic game Elite.

The letter... could also be:
A - 4, /\, @, ^
B - 8, 13, %, ß
C - <, (, ©
D - |), I>, ?
E - 3, &
F - (=, |=, ph
G - 6, &, (_+, 9
H - #, (-), /-\, \~\
I - 1, !, eye,
J - </, (/
K - X, |<
L - 1, 7, |_
M - em, AA, (\/)
N - ^/, |\|
O - 0 (), oh
P - |*, |^, ?, 9
Q - 0_, ()_, <|
R - 2, |?, /2
S - 5, $, z, es
T - 7, +, 1
U - (_), v, L|
V - \/
W - \/\/, (n), \\'
X - ><, }{, )(
Y - j, `/
Z - 2, %, >_

A few terms taken from l337:
Pwn, omg, wtf, lyke, newb/n00b

Commonly used by: Gamers, computer geeks, newbs, idiots
"Dude, that's so... l337,"

0///6 d00)j00/2 z0 (_)nl337~!!111one!l0lzA!!!!!
by analgator April 30, 2006
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Many people will argue that it started with the popular game Counter Strike, but X's def. is the most correct. According to "The Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling, it was an invented language used to confuse FBI and NSA sniffing programs during Operation Sundevil, when the government placed "wiretaps" on the Killer server to find hackers. Used extensively after the E911 document scandal and the theft of Korn 78 and other UNIX programs by AT&T. Google "Fry Guy", "Terminus", "Gail Thackery", "Acid Phreak" and "Phiber Optik" for more information. Discontinued among true hackers thanks to encryption engines and PGP keys.
641|_ +|-|4<|<3|2y 5|_|x0|25.
Gail Thackery sucks.
by Kyuketsuki June 26, 2003
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politeness is bieng able to speak l337 speak but having the sense and intelligence to talk like a normal person
by MiB March 3, 2003
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An internet sub-language used to either disguise what is being said, so that those who don't know it can't understand (especially authority), or as internet/gaming shorthand.

Commonly humourous and antagonistic
e.g. d00d i p(-)|_|9|<1|\|6 pwn

A basic shorthand form has now infected mobile phone texting and wannabe teenage speak, but that is weak and annoying - typified by people who can't actually spell rather than a clever disguise.

Written well it is as attractive and versatile as any language, and can be written in different ways.

Naturally, people who don't 'get' computers or gaming do what they always do to things they don't understand - they attempt to ridicule (handlover? Shanjay, WTF?), serving only to make themselves look all the more ignorant...
example of flexibility
M=|\/| or \/ or /\/\ and others.
by 63|\|3515 June 8, 2005
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"L337" (pronounced "Leet") is short for Elite.
He has l337 skills and talents
by Matthew Morris May 10, 2005
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A language used by Hackers,Crackers,Gamers and script kiddies alike. It's popular everywhere on the internet and you can't turn your back without seeing someone typing in l337

1 4/\/\ 73|-| l337 |-|4x0|2z
by clockwork May 17, 2003
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