A pubic hair in plain view of the public, usually found on a toilet seat. Pube Gone Public.

Instead of sitting on the toilet to unload my turd, I hovered over it beacuse of all the PGP's.
by WKid May 13, 2006
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acronym for "preferred gender pronoun".
most men prefer the gender pronoun "he", "him" and "his", most women prefer the gender pronoun "she", "her" and "hers"

however some people prefer different pronouns than normal because their gender doesn't fit into "man" or "woman" and a transgender person might prefer a pronoun that is not the one they were assigned at birth.

it is considered polite to, instead of asking "are you a man or a woman?" to someone who's gender you cannot determine immediately, ask "what's your PGP?" An explanation is sometimes necessary
by MissTinkyTae September 1, 2010
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1) Very popular software program known as "Pretty Good Privacy" or PGP.

2) Later used as "Pretty Good ___" as in Pretty Good Price, Pretty Good Product, Pretty Good Pussy, etc.
1) i'm so 1337 that my standard PGP encryption is 1024-bit.

2) man, $1 for a hot dog and drink at a baseball game? that's a PGP!
by Seoulstriker December 4, 2003
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PGP stands for Pre-Game Poop. This is when an individual is stressed out enough that their anxiety causes physical illness or problems in their intestines.

PGP's can vary from taking the biggest crap of your life, to experiencing explosive diarrhea so vile you run behind the nearest bush and drop your load to relieve your agony.
A PGP usually occurs prior to playing in an important game, acting in a play, your first court case as a lawyer, or any other event that would result in you feeling overwhelmed.
Brian: You ready for state finals today.
Zach: uh...I got take a PGP first...I'll be back.

Steve: Where the hell have you been, we have to go on stage in two minutes.
Mike: Oh, god! I had the worst PGP of my life, I think I just lost three pounds taking a dump in that trash can by the back of the theater.
by David Atkins March 10, 2011
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Pre-game pussy--

When 2 people engage in intercourse before one starts a sporting event.
I gotta get some PGP before the football game starts.
by Blake the MAGNUM April 5, 2008
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Pre-Game Partners.
A common term in Greek Life. PGPs are a fraternity and sorority who essentially 'pair up' for the semester to party together (usually more often than mixers with other frats).
Brittany: Hey you're in ZTA right? Who's your PGP?
Ashley: Yeah, we are with DTD!
by whodoyouknowhere? November 18, 2021
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