Latin term for 'Leader of Men' generally, or 'Ruler of Humanity' specifically. From the the short-form, 'Termin', meaning 'Leader', and 'genus', meaning family, or 'species'.
Alexander the Great was the terminus of his time.
by GregP December 10, 2006
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Glans penis.. The knob end, bobbies helmet, poison tip, of a gentlemans pleasure pole..

Commonly known as the "bell end". The term "bellus terminus" was first used in posh private boys schools by boys who were not that good at latin..
Richard drove home in the morning back to his lovely sweet wife who he loved dearly.. Following a night of extreme pleasure with one of the promiscuous students at the local university, his marraige vows had been broken, his shaft looked like a grated carrot, and his Bellus Terminus looked like a blind cobblers thumb.. But it was worth it!
by Drex Johnson July 22, 2011
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Title: The Fallen
Class: Tank
Affiliation: Magistrate, Corvus
Race: Undead Stagalla
Last skin: 04/1/20 (Steel Forged)
Terminus the Fallen is the powerfullest frontline in the game.
best shield
best ult
good constant dps in game.
has an undying need to die

poor fellow
by Terminus the Fallen April 21, 2022
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A group that attempts to use jazz hands and "sampling" of rap music to try to intimidate their opponents. On top of lackluster support and a misguided belief of what a TIFO is, they also believe that a stadium built for another team is something that others are jealous of. Also they aren't aware of basic American geography in regards to what the South is.
Terminus legion is what happens when you buy a supporter group for your brand new soccer team.
by Angrywithpeople August 5, 2017
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The point reached at the apex of a successful relationship, a.k.a engagement.
Either things don't go well and we break up, or things go great and we eventually reach the obvious terminus.
by PaperDue December 17, 2010
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