A underground skateboard company rumored to be based somewhere in southern florida...

I think we should best look into this...
What the heck is this sticker... wait is says something... O....p...t....i...k

by Bock October 4, 2003
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someone that never, under any circumstances, ever, answers a direct question.
Anonymous 1: Did you go to MSU? WTF is your connection to MSU?

Optiking Response: (3 page list of meaningless illegible statistics)

Well judging on the floor play of Garrick Sherman, there is no logical explanation as to why he is not currently the top center of the Big Ten.
by bigseanpower10 May 2, 2011
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12 foot tall canadian with a gold medal hanging around his neck . Usually found in British Colombia , this giant Bertuzzi wannabe travels around the world .
Christ that guy is tall

Yee , real Optikal isn't he ?
by ColeJ June 11, 2004
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