edgy 14 year old: kys
non-edgy 14 year old: but i dont have a sister!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!1!11!/?/1?1//1/1/!
edgy 14 year old: i want to die life is not worth it everything sucks
by sock06555 February 9, 2018
Short for "kill yourself," although suicide is really nothing to joke about.
Sean: I'm a Trump supporter, and I always will be.
Landon: Dude, please kys.
Sean: You know suicide is nothing to joke about.
Landon: Who said I was joking?
Sean: :(
by FrenzyMedia July 7, 2016
Bill: "I finally got my cast off!"
David: "Nice! Make sure to kys next time."
by ThugPancakes May 9, 2017