A short abbreviation of "kill yourself" Commonly used by LeafyIsHere Fans when attacking other peoples channels on youtube
kys faggot
by slimeyoldnegro May 7, 2016
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It stands for "Keep Yourself Safe"

We have now changed it.

Save humanity
Gerald: Alright man! Kys.
John: I will, kys too!

It sounds weird and funny at first but I am really just trying to change this word for peoplesown sake.
by XReaderLX December 13, 2016
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1. 'I love meowbahh!'

2. 'I'm going out.'
'Alright, kys.'
by candylover4lifers June 2, 2023
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Short for "kill yourself," although suicide is really nothing to joke about.
Sean: I'm a Trump supporter, and I always will be.
Landon: Dude, please kys.
Sean: You know suicide is nothing to joke about.
Landon: Who said I was joking?
Sean: :(
by FrenzyMedia July 7, 2016
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