kill your self in a joke way
actually kill yourself
in text as a joke
girl 1; heyy don't you think Justin Biebers soo hot??
girl 2; hahah yeah, no. KYS .

girl 1; omfg I actually hate you juat go kys!!!!!!
girl 2; not good to joke about death hun
girl 1; I wernt jokin love

girl 2; ahem

guy 1; (text message) hey wanna come round play minecraft xx
guy 2; (text message) no one pkays mincecraft anymore lol KYS

guy 1; hey girl no one likes u go kys
girl 1; ok
by badassgalya April 22, 2017
Stands for "Koala You Slow"
Commonly used to describe airheads.
"Dana kys"
AKA: "Dana you're dense"
John hints to Dana the location of the treasure. Dana doesn't get it.
John: "Gosh Dana kys"
by Weowx123 May 28, 2020
1. saying some bad stuff
2. kys
by G1orguna December 12, 2022
kiss you're self

always remember self love is important
go kys john you've had a hard day today
by mini woof November 26, 2022
if you use this as a comeback you're probably in year 7-8-9 and you are instantly an inconsiderate idiot who doesn't think abt what effect their words could have on people. and you don't have anything else to say in an argument. don't say that shit to anyone. it's not even a valid comeback that makes sense ffs
A: go kys
B: can't think of anything else to say? ofc, i see. loser. imagine if i did that irl. you would probably feel rlly guilty, right?
A: nah bro i would go tell people i made you kill yourself bc i would be proud
B: not a flex bro. stupid mf
Generic character 1: OMG Generic Character 2 I just bought us tickets to Justin Bieber!
Generic character 2: kys
by the mad moomer November 19, 2016
A short abbreviation to "Keep Your Socks"

Used commonly by elderly people.

No harm in using it!
by knobandbollocks September 24, 2017