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A group of prepubescent kids who think they are 30 because they are on top of the elementary school and curse every sentence in public or in secret (cause elementary school is full of snitches) and try to be "swaggy" and also 5th grade patrols are the worst cause they think that just because they stand in a stupid hallway telling people to walk means that they are cooler then everyone else then report people for no reason and boss others around and try to act tough and lie about doing "manly" stuff like playing rated m games and owning a gun cause they think they are all grown up and big people even though they will go to middle school only to get shitstomped by 7th and 8th graders and get beaten up. To any 5th grader going to middle school, have fun getting raped (:
Fifth grade 1: Ah Fuck i hurt my fucking leg! man fuck this stupid blacktop! my fucking knee is hurting! ah shit my asshole shit shit shit!
Fifth grader 2: Damn your cool since you are fucking cursing like that is fucking cool as shit
Fifth grader 3: I am telling the teacher
by Helisexist January 15, 2018
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The reason why bleach sales have increased by 90%
*listening to the song*
Me: Mom, could I spend my allowance on a lifetime supply of bleach?
by Helisexist March 27, 2018
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A retard who is famous for being a sped with an iq lower then a rock, he is famous for screaming ESKETIT!!! like a kid who needs help and pointing guns at his face and not knowing where north and south and east and west is. He also shows that you could easily make a hit song by retardedly repeating words like esketit, gucci gang.
The death of hip hop started when so called "rappers" started making hit songs by repeating stuff and recycling beats and making them sound super sick starting from soujia boy to turn down for what to lil pump repeating fucking gucci gang. There are so much better songs with no recognition, how bland has society gone...
by Helisexist July 6, 2018
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