people say this in order to inform someone to "kill them selves" without receiving any consequences from using the harsh term since both phrases are long for "KYS"
"bro this is to easy you're so shit"
"keep yourself safe dude"
by DodgyJuke June 27, 2018
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It means to not do anything stupid and stay safe. It is definitely not an acronym for kys.
Ben: Get out of the road you asshole!
Dean: How about you keep yourself safe!
Ben: How 'bout you keep yourself safe!
by F__D__T 24/7 December 9, 2017
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Keep Yourself Safe typically means "kill yourself", as both words have the acronym KYS. Very useful for filtered chats as you can wish death upon someone without moderation being up your ass.

Kyle: "Keep Yourself Safe"
by BigBouncyKittys October 13, 2022
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Another way to say "kill yourself, or the acronym, k.y.s (meaning kill yourself) as each word starts with the same ( letter kill-k
eep your-y.ourself self-s.afe )whilst getting past the social media systems guidelines.
person 1: Ew, you're REALLY ugly LMFAOOO 💀

person 2: keys without the e...

person 3: keep yourself safe!

person 1: oh, thanks ig😭

person 3: you idiot.
by chloesnsnsnsnsnsn May 14, 2023
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Mainly confused the KYS (kill yourself), KYS (keep yourself safe) is something to say to people if they are depressed or suicidal. It'll cheer em'up!
You: "hey you should KYS (keep yourself safe)"
Emo Suicidal: "okay that's it"
You: "no that means keep yourself safe!
Emo Suicidal: "oh okay thanks" peace restored
by Sussymogusballz69420 June 5, 2022
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There is a difference in KYS (Kill Yourself) and KYS (Keep Yourself Safe). One being a suicide threat, and the other one being a form of generosity thinking about others and their life.
You: You should KYS

Billie Eilish: "Fuck, that's it *gets knife*"
You: No it means KYS (Keep yourself safe)
Billie Eilish: "oh thanks" *humanity restored
by Sussymogusballz69420 June 5, 2022
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