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great; fepic.

This word was created by DrakeSizzle and Toddly00, both of YouTube fame, as a part of a challenge set forth by Toddly00 during an episode of Tea with Todd.
Drake: Man, my connection is definitely not kwab right now.
by BooderMcDoo April 09, 2008
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To be endowed with delight. Pleased, nice, delightful, pleasing, or amazed/amazing.

The word originated in California, whilst it reached New Jersey, and started spreading.
Oh, why thank you for the 80 pound jelly doughnuts, they taste quite kwab if you ask me.
by Playjex April 28, 2008
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A sarcastic, restless, abusive, non-Londoner - prone to wetting himself and pranking others.
Someone: You're such a-...
Kwabs: *to himself* "Oh, Kwabs!"
by nuraken March 03, 2007
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