A chain of gas station/convenience stores primarily in the Midwest, over half of which are currently located in Iowa. The name is a play on the phrase "come and go" (obviously) but the initials are changed to reflect those of the parent company, Krause Gentle Corporation. Many people have observed that the word "Kum" is closer in spelling and appearance to the word cum than "Come", giving the name an unintended sexual connotation... or perhaps that was the intent of Kraus Gentle Corp. all along, seeing as how Kum and Go is one of the few convenience stores to regularly carry pornography. Whatever the reason, Kum and Go is a very successful branch of its parent company, and the number of stations are planned to nearly double by 2008.
"Let's stop at Kum and Go for some gas and porn."
"Ha ha... kum..."
"Yes, I've lived here for 13 years. It's not that funny anymore."
by uninvitedguest April 17, 2006
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Kum and Go is a kick-ass convenience store with an unfortunate name, although I like to see peoples' reactions who haven't ever seen one before.
Alternate names I have for this store are "Ejaculate and Evacuate" and "Jizz and Jet."
I'm hungry, let's go to Kum and Go to get some crappy gas station food. Hell, let's get two kinds of gas! Some for my car and some for my ass!

Kum and Go...haha, WHAT THE FUCK. Yeah, I have a dirty mind and I laugh becuase I'm like 12 years old...hehehehee...
by CoolHandLuke May 01, 2006
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The greatest convenience store ever, also a card game invented by Andrew Huber and Eric Eldritch where you get to shout out things like dirty sanchez, sausage drop, and syphillis.
i stopped at the kum and go to pick up a pack of blunt wraps and a 40.
by Kum and Go February 25, 2003
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Anither word for your local whore.
"I saw you with Jody last night"
"No man, shes a kum and go"
by Datoneboi April 22, 2017
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When you take a slutty girl to a certain convient store, jerk off into her face, then pull a bang-bro (push her out of the car and speed off)
J-money: yo dawg im exhausted
Blazin Hazen: why niggat?
J-money: I just pulled a kum and go on that slut thats been blowin up my cellular device
Blazin Hazen: fo'real? u even pulled a bang-bro?
J-money: you know it!
by jliasb July 22, 2009
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When you go on omegle and convince a girl to show you her titties, you immediately cum, then leave
Yo Brian I just pulled a kum and go on this fine ass bitch last night
by Big thicc oof October 25, 2018
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