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To release your cream into her and get the fuck out soon after.
Richard: "So, what happened to the Becky girl you saw last night"
Chad: "Well, she was a 6/10, I've seen better, so I had to Ejaculate and Evacuate. I think I may have even left my pack of gum there"
by MamaWeegee July 02, 2018
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by PeteLoaf320 November 25, 2020
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A commonly used slang term for the popular convenience store "Kum and Go."
"Hey, I need to stop at that Ejaculate and Evacuate to fill up my tank and buy some beef jerky."
by .Org Taylor February 02, 2006
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When a male ejaculates into a women and leaves because he doesn’t want to be stuck with a baby
Bro I gotta ejaculate and evacuate into some girl tonight.
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by Peter ;-) January 11, 2018
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This phrase is simple, nut in her/him and leave. Never talk to them after.

Very simple process, I honestly coulda called it ghosting
Dude 1 : Last night I nutted in Jessica, and left!
Dude 2 : Bro, you just did a ejaculate and evacuate. Thats sick!
by InfinityBoi October 05, 2019
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