1. To do something amazing, and brilliant at the same time.
"Jack Bauer is so bad-ass."
"No, he is so kraus."
by Elizabeth Lemon March 2, 2010
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one who is good at math, yet who has an uncanny resemblance to a dinosaur. A kraus is also often a person who derives sexual pleasure from completing math problems, or telling others that they are wrong at math.
Person1: "Hey, who is your calc professor next year?"
Person2: "I have Dr. Smith"
Person1: "Ha! Have fun, I talked to a friend of mine and I heard that that guy is such a kraus."
by joemama713 May 4, 2010
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Visible effects of STDs, particularly around the genital area.
by chepaitis September 23, 2008
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A small baby of a man, bossy in nature, known to be seen around Flint, Michigan. Known for not having anything of his own. A free loader ("Can I have half of that," or "Is that any good?") and creep-ass, frequents brothel houses who then ejaculates forcefully into prostitutes mouths, has extensive knowledge of all famous serial killers, furthermore claims to have extensive knowledge of cinematic films, only knows the directors of those films, and cant name a single actor. However in reality lacks taste and knowledge of thing. A baby Kraus is also known for it's temper tantrums, hissy fit's and need to always be right as well as crying when he's not. He can often be found trolling the IMDB website. Where him and his 5 friends that go to that site, review movies negativly, without ever seeing them.

Turn on's: winning at monopoly
Turn off's: The jack without the Pak

No you cant have half of my sandwich. Stop being a baby kraus.

That hooker really didn't want me to cum in her mouth but I totally baby kraus'd her ass.
by Jack of Pak January 21, 2008
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when a man with a penis larger than 8 inches long rams a girl from behind very rapidly
Aaron kraus plowed that bitch!
by otto49846879345 January 14, 2009
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An absolute gem, If you have a Kraus in your life then you are extremely lucky. And if you are a lover of a Kraus then you are even luckier.
Oh my god i think I'm in love with this guy, No your just in love with Kraus
by Sedundnes May 12, 2020
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