1. Slang, misspelled word for orgasm
2. Semen
3. The first part of the name of a gas station in Iowa Kum & Go.

Dang, he got kum all over me when I made him kum. Better get to the Kum & Go for some wipeys.
by Girliebabe6 August 19, 2006
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junk food, come come, kum kum
one mother's who ask other mother's kid to come to her so that she could give food to make the kid stop crying or comfort the kid. (come come / kum kum)
by ytbau April 11, 2006
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Act of entering in a function or event where you are not invited
Kummanafy (verb) - Sit in places you're not supposed to / not invited to.
Eg. Aren't you ashamed to Kummanafy or kumming the driver's seat? 😂
by KillerBOY RJ June 19, 2017
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Latin for "with"
"Kum laude" means "with praise," not "cum loudly" you fuccin pervs.
by Bad C dev March 7, 2021
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A nickname for canoes, particularly those known for being faithful and reliable. Though not the fastest, they are sure to reach their destination.
My kum has withstood the might of Victoria Falls and deadly Class VI rapids without being destroyed.
by Saumensch February 22, 2011
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White, hot, gooey, sticky, slimy, delicious, edible this all describes cum, but it can also describe a microwaved vanilla ice cream
*example number one*

*example number two*
why did I microwave an ice cream?
*one month later*

*three weeks later*
so you're wondering why I'm in an insane asylum well it all started when...
by 69 420er January 20, 2022
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