He got KTFO!!! ( to be said in best Chris Tucker voice )
by alphafemale September 3, 2002
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What would happen if shaq boxed david schwimmer.
Man, did you see what happened in the shaq vs schwimmer fight?

Nah, who won that joint?

Shaq by ktfo.
by larry merchant February 4, 2011
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Keep The Fuck Off
Used to emphasize ownership.
This notepad belongs to Walter, KTFO!
by Pete May 1, 2004
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Acronym for "KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT" - used to describe someone who was not just knocked out in a contact fighting sport, but knocked unconscious.
Did you see the Lyoto/Evans fight? Evans was KTFO!!!!
by jacko23 September 21, 2009
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When Pacquiao threw the left hook against Hatton
by Timmy68986 December 30, 2010
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1) Being punched (and/or kicked) so hard, you go into a state of temporary (or permanent) unconsciousness.


2) When an individual goes into a deep slumber. Waking them becomes extremely difficult.
-Example 1
Herman Cain: I told him that I knew I owed him money, but I wasn't paying him a GODDAMN thing. Fuck him! 9-9-9 till I die

Barack Obama: Then what happened?

Herman Cain: Fuck you think happened? I got KTFO!

-Example 2
Bill Clinton: Yeah I hit dat ass, smoked a J, then passed out. She tried to wake me for round 2, but I was KTFO! You know how a nigga do
by goingHaywire January 20, 2012
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Justin: yo did u see that fight yesterday?
Adam: oh yeah he got ktfo
by Daddykaitlynn March 16, 2018
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