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one mad cool ass girl living in lynnfield; her and I have started a convent of nuns due to several serious and traumatizing events in the past months

krame tends to have a positive connotation of a beautiful person
yes, krame and I went to the convent to visit the nuns and hicks
by pipez April 26, 2003
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Josh is the one with the youtube channel where he is an addict of goulash, a drug that slowly makes ur wang smaller. (josh krames if ur reading this
Oh no Josh Krames, ur wee wee is microscopic! :O (says his mom)
by Oddyboyy March 31, 2018
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vibing on gta 5 with the homies while causing chaos everywhere you go.
- "what are they doing?"

- "just kraming"
by murrragar February 26, 2022
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A Kraming Will is the coolest guy a girl can ask to know. Kraming Wills know how to make anyone smile. Anybody who has ever let a Kraming Will go must've been insane. Kraming Will's are incredible, and loving, and will make any girls heart race uncontrollably. Kraming Will's are very trustworthy and loyal but it can be hard to get them to open up sometimes, so if they do not want to talk you just have to try your hardest to be there for them. You have to be patient with Kraming Wills and also reciprocating. They make awesome companions but they are easy to fall in love with. Kraming Wills are very caring and they are great huggers. Its the kind of hug you would crave no matter what you were feeling. Kraming Wills are sweet in the streets and hot in the sheets. Sometimes vise versa. They are the best cuddlers and they have the cutest smiles, even if you don't get to see it all the time. Kraming Wills are very private but very rare and special. If you happen to come across a Kraming Will in your life NEVER let him go, it will be the stupidest decision you ever make and you will regret it. Treat your Kraming Will right and give just as much if not more love than he gives you. Appreciate what you have, and let the world know you're the luckiest girl in the world because you know a Kraming Will.
"Wow what a Kraming Will'

"i met this guy and hes so great, im so glad to know a Kraming Will now'
by {BlueSky}anne February 28, 2016
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