Somebody who poses as a surfer and talks about surfing all the time to people who don't surf because they know that non surfers won't realize how kooky the person really is.
(In the middle of a crowded room)
"Drake, I'm gonna snake you so hard every wave you kook!"
"Shut up Jordan you know Im gonna bust an alleyooper all over your face!"
by Bluntrauma December 22, 2009
Someone , usually a tourist our out of towner. Non local person who shows up on the beach with high top shoes on. This person usually try's to blend into local surf culture, by buying apparel from the merchants on "main street", and then flaunting it the same day with his basketball shoes on.
"Hey man look at that Kook trying to find his change in the sand." "Check that Kook out with the fanny pack. Does he know its not the early 90's anymore?"
by shah brah August 24, 2012
1. n - the opposite of a bro.
Those kooks better stay away from our chicks.
by pedro calhoun February 24, 2004
A dumb-ass mug who be all up in a nigga's chips 'n' shit.
"Beat it, kook." God, that Yeltsin needs a beltsin... Tell that kook to beat.
by FisselDonk July 24, 2003
A learner/bad surfer who doesn't know what they're doing and ends up stuck in the whitewater getting in peoples way. Should be made to wear an 'L' plate.
'Get out of the way kook!'
'What the fuck is that kook doing on his knees'
by ThePurpleSmurf October 18, 2006
Someone who knows alot about a little talked about subject in order to feel superior to others.

K Keepers
O of
O odd
K Knowledge
Many Barry went on and on about that 9/11 conspiracy theory. He's quite a kook.
by Randall December 18, 2004
someone who is frothing way to much. they are way keen for something and then make a fool of them self
"you are such a kook udy" "that guy kooked that wave so hard
by 2103BMAN October 15, 2010