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A form of hand-to-hand combat weaponary, that fits around a persons fingers, to increase the amount of damage created with a punch. These are usually metal.
John: "How come your face is cut?"
Mark: "Adam hit me with knuckledusters on."
by IKane June 12, 2006
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Melee weapon consisting of a piece of brass cast in a shape similar to four soldered rings through which you introduce your fingers. It also has a handle, so that you can grab it properly and use it to punch someone.
Of course, you begin the game unarmed and will actually spend a considerable length of time fighting either unarmed or with hand-to-hand weapons, including various shivs, knuckle-dusters, and clubs.
by Richard B. Riddick August 23, 2004
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knuckle dusters are another term for the illegal, easily concealable weapon, brass knuckles.
To dust ones knuckles is to put on Brass Knuckles.
A: Oh shit son! Check out them knuckle dusters! that guys gonna fuck somebody up!
B: That guy just got a knuckle dusted fist to the chin.
C: I'm gonna have my knuckles dusted tonite.
by Essex 2 January 26, 2006
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A brass knuckle and knife combination weapon. The Knife is built into the brass knuckle and may or may not be extended during the use of the weapon.
"That vicious motherfucker has a Knuckle Duster in each pocket; some one is going to get fucked up"
by old man withers August 16, 2006
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The less-ghetto name for brass knuckles.
Taking a hit with a knuckle-duster in the face will not be very fun.
by Taikamiya June 02, 2005
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another name for brass knuckles. illegal to carry in most countries. they are a easily concealed piece of metal that has holes to put your fingers through. uses are: punching people in the face, punching people in the head, punching people in the groin, punching people in chest or stomach. used to be used alot by the italian and irish mobs.
Tony: Joey pissed me off yesterday so i bapped him in the nose with my knuckle dusters.
by La'Trael Davis February 07, 2012
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