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Reminiscent of the hunched over cave man, with his arms to the ground. An insult used against those of extremely low intelligence, or general stupidity.

Also see low brow
Bubba is such a knuckle dragger.
by Matt September 29, 2004
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Someone of extremely low intelligence. Tends to use cliche, redneck phrases such as, "Git 'er done." A knuckledragger typically walks around with a puffed out chest, looking for a fight with someone weaker. These people think high school diplomas and college degrees are "just pieces of paper" that "ain't got no use."
Person 1: Hey, look at Delmar picking a fight with Jeff.
Person 2: What a knuckledragger!
by matt86cle March 30, 2017
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A strong or stupid person. Like someone on steroids or a caveman that can only grunt to communicate.
Call off your knuckle-draggers. Justin will pay you whatever you want.

Justin is a knuckle dragger. He believes everything on the internet is fact.
by Lagz November 06, 2013
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Military slang referring to infantry or Special Forces personnel, or paramilitary components of the US Intelligence Community.

The term stems from the common belief among the rear echelon and support personnel that Infantry soldiers are of generally lesser intelligence than support personnel.
The Liberty chow hall was full of knuckle draggers today, they smelled like B.O. and gun powder.

I had to catch a ride to the Green Zone with a platoon of knuckle draggers, and they made fun of my M16 A2 the entire time.
by cdangerd December 10, 2009
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Someone who's intelligence is less than or equal to that of your average caveman.
Wow, he really thought spending 803 Billion dollars we don't have was the way to fix the economy. What a knuckledragger!
by NO_Iwon'tpress1forEnglish September 01, 2010
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