the worlds best high speed chase solvers, they dont take no crap.
i was worried those pussy cops would never pull him over, then he got onto the military base, that ended it quick.
by drew April 24, 2005
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Party ruiners of the military. Also frequently accidentally arrest the wrong person. They like to trick themselves into thinking they're infantry, but really they're just back-up in case the base gets attacked.
Shit, we weren't doing anything, the Military Police just charged in because they were called about a party, but they raided the wrong house.
by CaptainCumshot April 9, 2007
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Cops who give a damn about nothing but protecting themselves mostly. You could be innocent no cap and they'd still not listen or bring justice to protect their own.
Oh I got charged with assault by USMC military police after scratching Becky's face when she wouldnt let me leave the room.
by Lostgirl8685 November 3, 2020
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A group of who’s main goal is to remain virgins for life, snitch on anyone for a fraction of a penny and be hated by all.
Infantry Private 1: “Yo did you hear Savagesniper078 joined Military Police Investigations?”
Infantry Private 2: “Savage must really have no self respect”
Infantry Private 3: “Yeah savage is gonna die a Virgin lol xd
by Aigio Infantry Corps November 23, 2020
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