Quaint beach community near ramshackle Sacket's Harbor, NY. Numerous intoxicated residents disdainfully refer to each other as "Knobby Knollers". Ostensibly organized as a condo association with the rich distinction that the various units are actually shacks relegated to a maximum size slightly smaller than half a Taco Bell. Residents lovingly refer to their uninsulated, droopy shacks as "cottages." It is mostly populated by 3rd generation ne'r-do-wells, retirees who can't see, and various self-important "mayors". Favorite past-times include patrolling for "interlopers" from the Marina, mosquito hunting, booze on the beach, beers out back, wine in the woods, Pabst on the porch, drinks on the deck, leaches on the leg, skinny dipping in the dark, bickering at beach fires, belittling those "in back", doing it on the docks, and painting seagull rock. For an adult who has stayed sober enough to remain standing, the most exciting part of the day is being blinded by the sun slipping away. For kids, the most exciting time is bed time, where they happily sleep with sand in their bed, a lovely carcinoma-inducing sunburn, and their flea-infested best doggy friend by their side. Once a year, residents celebrate "Knobby Knoll' days where they trade junk and hold a parade to mock each other's children and pets. On July 4th, many residents host illegal fireworks displays which they generally point at each others "cottages" and those residents viewing from the bank.
I strolled over to Knobby Knoll, but there were so many people passed out that I kept tripping over 'em. I had a nice time kickin' it at the white elephant until I ended up with a leach on my leg and a firecracker lodged in my posterior.
by Kickin' it Kiki May 25, 2012
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Conspiracy-theorists' dream opportunity to speculate over the reasons JFK was killed.
Oh, yeah, I have a theory on the grassy knoll and area 51, it all starts in camp SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP-I-DON'T-CARE.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
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The place where a dragon slayer (typically a medium build guy) takes his prey (typically the fattest ugliest girl in the bar) to bang.
After last night’s antics, Owen’s room has officially been renamed the dragon knoll.
by CWJK September 20, 2021
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Is the nicest person in the whole world, there for anyone, makes your day, he is bloody amazing.
Mitch Knoll, yeah he is a nice as kid
by Mitch Knoll December 4, 2018
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A wanna be gang member that thinks he is tough but is just a pussy white boy. He thinks he is a blood.
Jordan knoll is a worthless piece of shit
by I like puss May 18, 2020
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n. Representing the slightly raised grass area outside of Stanford Hall at Villanova. A great area in the heat of the day to go box (see 'box') hunting.
So are we gonna look for box on the grassy knoll today or what?

Look at all of that box on the grassy knoll.
by Corey Matthews April 12, 2005
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Where people go in communities that do not have a Big Pipe to handle potential sewer-clogging arse loads. The locale usually is named after the dumping has been well-established.
Don't go down to Stenchy Knoll by yourself after dark, you might fall into something nasty. Why oh why don't they build a Big Pipe here?
by Angus June 20, 2004
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