An small affluent community in Northern New Jersey. Kids go to Mountview Road Elementary School, Memorial Junior School, and then Whippany Park High School. Everybody knows everybody else’s business and is nosey as hell. Kids spend their time riding their bikes around the town, swimming in the Whippany River, and exploring abandoned buildings. Most people are secret millionaires and most people live in large houses but most do not drive luxury cars. Cedar Knolls is actually an unincorporated community within Hanover Township, but has a Morris Plains mailing address and a neighborhood called Trailwoods. Cedar Knolls is known for being the home of the leader of OPK, a massive painkiller drug ring ran out of the high school in the mid 2000s. Also home to some members of the mob.
Guy 1 “yo my buddy lives in the Trailwoods section of Cedar Knolls within Hanover township but his mail goes to Morris Plains.”
Guy 2 “wut”
by cedarknolls4life July 06, 2019
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A hot girl from Oak Knoll School in Summit, New Jersey. Can be identified by super short skirt. Boyfriend usually goes to Seton Hall Prep or Delbarton. Too good for Oratory boys, no matter how hard they try. Oak Knoll girls usually live in rich towns or semi rich towns like Short Hills, Morristown, Summit, e.t.c.
by oks November 25, 2010
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The better half of the Morris Hills Regional District
Morris Hills= tons of drugs, ghetto white boys and girls, horrible hockey, football and swimming team, Ugly girls, bad teachers, horrible food.

Morris Knolls= AWESOME hockey team, great swimming team, very good baseball team, pretty good football team(better than hills), good food most of the time, bigger school, hot senior girls, good athletes, good football and baseball fields and you know the rest if you go to MK.

Hills--> Dog Food
Knolls--> Prime Rib
by Paul Newman April 08, 2005
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A small two part neighborhood just outside of Baldwinsville NY. It's two parts consist of a "upper" and "lower" parts, due to elevation differences. If you live in either, it's a good chance you went to the elementary school McNamara nearby. And it's also a good chance that you smoke/deal weed and carry a knife/gun on you at all times. Or at least rumored. Just make sure your knife or gun is handy if you ever visit especially at night.....take it from a local.
Seneca Knolls
by Fenrir Link August 07, 2009
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where the pubic bone rises onan unshaven snatch
"I'm going to plant a conspirator in Cheryl's grassy knoll"
by Ferguson June 24, 2005
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A college dining hall that has sub-par food and coffee machines that are empty at inconvenient times. The students working there are kind of nice, but they look really frustrated whenever you sit at a table they just wiped down. It's usually everyone's second choice when choosing where to eat, but sometimes, you just end up there.
I was late for class so I ended up eating at the Knoll Hole again.

Don't eat here, it's the school's Knoll Hole

Yeah, I couldn't get a job at the library so I'm working at the Knoll Hole.
by dodex1k October 06, 2011
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Where people go in communities that do not have a Big Pipe to handle potential sewer-clogging arse loads. The locale usually is named after the dumping has been well-established.
Don't go down to Stenchy Knoll by yourself after dark, you might fall into something nasty. Why oh why don't they build a Big Pipe here?
by Angus June 19, 2004
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