Epic joke told by character Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks) in 2002's "Catch Me If You Can".
Carl: "Want to hear a joke?"
Bill: "Sure."

Carl: "knock knock."
Bill: "Who's there?"
Carl: "Go fuck yourself."
by Holloway11b June 27, 2010
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Popular children's game derived from William Shakespear's "Macbeth" - Act 2, Scene 3, line 7, "Knock, knock! Who's there, in th'other devil's name?.."
Knock knock?
Who's There?
Who hooh?
No im not an owl, im Hooh.
by MadScientist February 25, 2005
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an insult or a threat that one tells to someone else. once the person who replies with "who's there?" the ejoke abruptly ends with the answer "fuck off" many opther endings can be used to make this insult more interesting or more focused on the insultee.
"hey, knock knock"
"who's there?"
"fuck off!!!"

"hey knock knock"
"who's there"
"a fuckin dick thats about to get their ass kicked"
by Ratbiker May 24, 2007
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when you just don't care what the hell some one is saying.
Deminstrate this by knocking on an object twice and saying knock knock.
" Knock, Knock"
" Whos there?"
" I don't care"
by vicky March 6, 2005
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A child hood game that often makes no since what so every. Such as this one that i heard just yesterday.

Knock knock, whos there, bannan, bannan who, arent you glad i didnt say orange?
Noo! i wish you wouldnt have say anyhting at all!
by Mic August 6, 2004
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a person who fiend for alcohol alot
last night i cant help being a knock knock for drinking so many beers
by dyvad August 7, 2011
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knock knock whos there shartonmis
Funny hahahahahahahahah I sharted myself of laughin
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