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Abbreviation for Reconnaissance.

1. Military term for inspecting or exploring an area.
2. Checkin if the scene is worthy of your presence before you strut in.
3. Scopin it out.
Performing a recon on target area.

Yo gunna recon out the club before ya hit it yeah?
by MadScientist March 23, 2005
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Genetic mutation, thankfully sterile (see shooting blanks), of a male turkey mixed with a female turtle.

Relatively short life due to inability to walk on skinny turkey legs while carrying weight of shell.
None living, search internet for reference.
by MadScientist March 23, 2005
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Popular children's game derived from William Shakespear's "Macbeth" - Act 2, Scene 3, line 7, "Knock, knock! Who's there, in th'other devil's name?.."
Knock knock?
Who's There?
Who hooh?
No im not an owl, im Hooh.
by MadScientist February 24, 2005
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