What happens to anybody who steps up to Kash!
Two hits He hits you, you hit the floor. Knock out!
by Homies 2 December 22, 2008
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game originated in flatbush, brooklyn where one participant stands with back towards curb and his group yells "go" and the participant must swing behind him and hit whoever was designated.They never know who they hit.It could be an old lady. DAMN!!!!!!
Yo. son caught his lil' brotha in the jaw on accident. He was walkin' behind him and dem niggaz said "go"!
by Skee Mask April 24, 2005
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Take a big ass hit of headies off a bong...
hold it...
take a shot of vodka...
still hold it...
chug a beer through a beer bong...
still holding it...
blow a fat ass line of coke...
3 min after a knockout...

"i think im dead...
but at the same time...
im fucked up right now man...
by TrifectaHH September 13, 2008
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when a person says something unbelievably not funny, that does deserve a punch in the face, literally.
"why did the sheep cross the road?"
"because it was the chicken's day off."
"Oh my god, that is such a knockout!"
by Mr Not Funny April 15, 2009
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A combination of energy drinks that is delicious and potent. ingredients:
1 XL monster
1 bottle of NoS
2 redlines

mix all together in a gallon jug. serves 1-5 people depending on serving size.
those knockouts last night helped me stay up for hours
by cmrsyxp September 25, 2010
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To steal.
1. "Tonight I'm going to go knock-out a set of Acura Type-R rims for my Civic HF".
by Sim-Dum Gweye September 23, 2003
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Taking a weed hit, holding it in while taking a shot and having a whiteclaw or beer, then letting out the smoke
β€œWanna do a knockout?”

β€œReady to take your birthday knockout”
by thatodugirl August 07, 2020
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