To hit someone hard enough that they get knocked out, preferably with one punch.
I'm gonna fuckin lay him out if he tries anything
by Manson April 27, 2005
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To dive to the ground and fully extend one's body in order to make a catch. The leaper turns his or her body horizontal, and does not intend to land on their feet. The Phrase is used when discussing a variety of sports, especially the sport of ultimate, in which layouts are common.
The quarterback threw that ball so low that the reciever needed to lay out to reach it.
by redted September 27, 2006
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To sunbathe. To soak up the sun.
It's been raining so much all week that I haven't had a chance to lay out.
by Sgarlet884 May 20, 2011
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To be hit and knocked down so hard that you think you may need jaw surgery.
Jordan got layed out by Matt Smith in football.
by Ansatsushaa March 22, 2016
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When one "lays out the set," that means they are detailing exactly how and why someone is a total bitch. Laying out the set is often done on the other side of a tinted window where the recipient of harsh criticism cannot see or hear the derision.
As a bus pulls up to an airport, two young, idiotic wangsters might see an airport security officer.

Wangster A: Fuckin pigs, muffucka, I fuckin hate pigs. Fuck you, pig! Fuck you! I'll fuckin kick ya face to the curb ya fuckin pig! Fuck you, pig! Fuck you, pig!

Wangster B: Lay out the set, homie! Lay out the set homey! Yeah, lay out the set, homie!
by Strawhenge March 9, 2011
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