A method of persuation or intimidation that originated from the I.R.A. (Irish Republican Army) where a person is held down and someone takes a 2x4 piece of wood with a nail stuck through it and beats the victims knees with it untill they rip his/her knee cap off or permanently damage it so they can never walk again and undergo serious pain and agony.
An Orange coat got knee capped to scare the british out of Ireland.
by MoFo'in CRIT January 24, 2005
To place a pistol or other firearm behind a persons kneecap and pull the trigger, obliterating the knee and crippling the victim. A common mob tactic.
The track star wouldn't pay his debts, so we knee capped him.
by sarge September 8, 2005
a thick bone under the skin in the middle of your leg, also used for kneeing people in the thigh (also known as a charlie or dead leg).
ooooow my knee cap

ill pop a knee in your leg
by kerbe July 27, 2004
to lick someone's knee caps with your tongue while having sexual intercourse. usually attempted when extremely drunk and unable to attempt anything else.
he was knee capping me last night.
by smeagle:D October 4, 2010
This is where you slap your friend's knee very hard to the point they almost get a bruise.
Billy:Don't make me Knee cap slap you Jimmy! I won't hesitate!
Jimmy: go away Billy before I smack ya
Billy: Omae wa mou shindieru

Jimmy: nani?!
by NotYourBoo22 November 3, 2018
When she desperately wants to give you head
Oh honey, I wanna suck your di—*thud* awww fuck, my knee caps. (Busted knee caps)
by ǝɹǝɥʇ ollǝɥ October 18, 2019
An unscrupulous individual who loans money at high interest and will inflict bodily harm when payment is short or not forthcoming upon request.
Tommy owed the mob $1500 and was short $300 on payday. The Knee Cap Banker collected the cash and now Tommy is on crutches and owes $600 (principal + interest).
by TheLadfromTrinidad April 29, 2014