Mchew/ mtchew is something that is used in Nigeria a lot and you use it when you are frustrated with someone or something or someone is annoying you.
You such your teeth and make a sound.
Stop doing that. Mtchew
Mtchew it’s not working

Mtchew this teacher is so annoying
by Zidanaxtisha June 1, 2020
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when someone says something so unreasonably foolish and stupid theres no way to reply to the statement they have just said so you smack your lips making a 'mtchew' noise. it is also used to express annoyance, disappointment or some cases used to show in a friendly way distaste for a sarcastic remark. it is sort of a 'ugh' for black people or used as a eye roll but as a word. the word is when your tongue is sucking your teeth/
person 1: 'i got a f in maths'
person 2: 'see your life mtchew'
by banana and rice warrior March 18, 2023
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when a boy responses with mtchew from now till 12/12/19
that means they like you so girls watch out for this new thing
yo mtchew
by make this go viral pls October 15, 2019
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