A violent passion, soap and water colision, used to create a perfect unity between dish and man.
Maura- "Hey Mike, you wanna go out on a date on Saturday?"
Mike- "Nah thanks. I have some dishwashing to catch up on."
Maura- "Oh, I totally understand."
*goes and washes dishes.*
by deejaylovesmaddie December 14, 2009
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A completely useless kitchen appliance that fails to perform its sole function.
Billy, make sure you remember to clean the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher!
by Randee3 November 11, 2019
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a person that has the lowest rank in the restaurant business. They usually scrape food off dishes, then rinse them then shove them through a dishwashing machine. Being a dishwasher sometimes means you work hard (but don't get appreciated.) It's a job you take until you find something better.
Chef: "Hey, dishwasher, where the fuck are the clean knives?"

Dishwasher: "I only have two arms and two legs!"
by Cooldude009 June 1, 2010
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Word describing women as a whole. Very sexist however commonly used among men, either as a joke or a demeaning word against women.
"Honey, me and the boys are bout' to head out"
"Can I come with?"
"Sorry, no dishwashers allowed"
by Chadnell March 18, 2021
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The act of mutual romance and erotic emotions through the physical pressing of lips against another's. This is similar to a regular kiss, however in this case it is more similar to but also exceeds to acts performed in a 'French Kiss' where not only does the tongue of one individual touch the tongue of their partner but also enter the mouth making contact with all areas of the partner's mouth as well as outside the mouth with close proximity to the partner's lips. This is known as dishwashing or being dishwashed.
The man grabbed the woman by the hips and snogged her violently, his tongue frequently entering her mouth. He was performing the dishwash. The woman was being dishwashed. The man was dishwashing the woman.
by TheDishwasher November 30, 2011
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a person handing out sexsim like books in class, thinking he/she is a bigman.
stop being such a dishwasher grow up kyle
by bangers-n-mash September 8, 2019
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an "insult" used by pick me girls and men of lower iq than the average. It's supposed to hurt girls for like, doing pretty much anything, and when you complain about it, they say it's DaRk HuMoR. of course, these people can't make you laugh even if you paid them. the comebacks for it are few and not powerful, but you don't even need one because these people just dig their own comedic hole the time they say it. anyway, a lot of people answer with "ok wallet" or "kill all men 2020", the last one is great because it offends them. after using it, you're supposed to hit them with the BUT IT'S DARK HUMOR SNOWFLAKE YOU CAN'T TAKE A JOKE
"ok but why is my dishwasher talking"
"i know you're asking me to stop disrespecting you but shut up dishwasher"
by sprinklesprankle July 29, 2020
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