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Word originating from a 17th century Dutch colony of what is now upstate New York. The town cobbler (who lived a quiet life) was observed one day at the local inn as he quaffed a pint of beer in less than a few seconds and, quietly placing the empty pint on the inn's counter, returned to work quietly in his shop. The cobbler's name was Matthias Von Klinker. Ever since, to Klinker a beer is to drink it very quickly without all the ridiculous glitz and show of a frat-boy beer-bonging.
I grabbed two beers - one for Mac, one for me. I looked down only to pop the top off of mine and when I looked up, Mac had Klinkered his and was ready for another.
by deek3241 October 05, 2006
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Small, hard and encrusted lumps of shit that form around the anal opening that cause immense pain when a person sits down.
That old tramp hasn't washed in months, I bet he has klinkers. Dirty old sod!
by Jon October 10, 2004
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A turd dropped into the toilet bowel that makes a sound.
I was trying to keep it quiet while I was on the can, but I lurched out a Klinker and everyone in the next room knew what I was doing on the John.
by Klinker March 19, 2005
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To ejaculate with enough force into an orifice that the orifice can not contain the ejaculate.
My boyfriend came so hard that he klinkered all over the floor.
by nomad88 June 04, 2015
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a verity of stink bugs that are particularly smelly, made well known by the almost plaid pattern on their backs
I stepped on a klinker yesterday, it smelled like shit
by jjkfjklfsajkjkjklfjkljklals November 02, 2006
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