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Must be of UK origin. You all seem to know what dangleberries or klingons are. Well, they're also referred to as Tag Nuts. The curse of puberty in every one of us.
Ance, voice-wobbling, sweaty moments and wet dreams; all a delight when compared to the discomfort of accumulating tag-nuts in adolescence and beyond.
by chris wheelie June 16, 2005
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A small rounded off piece of excriment that clings on to the hair around the bumhole. Can only be removed with thumb and index finger,thus, creating quite a stink
GIRL: " ooohh, you dirty boy, lick me bumhole too"
LAD: " FUCK!!!! you dirty bitch, not only do you have a hairy arse but its full of Tagnuts"
GIRL: "pick em off for us then"
LAD: " get to fuck, put your Clobber back on and leave quietly before I punch your cunt in"
by John Gaskell March 06, 2004
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1)fecies intagled with hair around the rectum
2)a mediocre ska-core band from cambridge u.k
1)"thats wrong when you show your arse i can see your tagnuts"

2)"i went to go see the tagnuts last night they were tagnutty-tastic"
by Ian Burgess June 27, 2006
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Particles of excrement that become entangled with anal hair and dry in this position.
I flipped her over to play the b-bide but her ring was sealed bu a huge tag nut.
by Ivanovitch March 18, 2003
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remanants of shit that clings mercilessly to the hair surrounding your arse crevice. Often rolled into tangled balls through movement, hence the name 'nut'.
I'm really glad i trimmed my arse, that should cut down on tagnuts.
These tagnuts are really chafing.
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Slang for when poop or toilet paper sticks to the hairs on your butt. It can hurt a lot to pull it out.
Rick howled in pain as he removed tag nuts from his pubic hairs.
by MissingnoFTW December 05, 2009
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CHeck out the Tagnuts hanging off that cows arse that shit must have been drying there for a week!
by Dave T October 28, 2003
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