German for piano, but also Rammsteins best song... (About remembering Love murder and insanity)
Ich spiel das klavier (Do I have the right gender?)
2. Dort Am Klavier Lauschte ich ihr...
by mike December 13, 2003
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The prosecutor in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. He's German, which says volumes about his prosecuting and driving skills.

And he air-guitars. In court. And everyone can hear it.

He has unicorn hair, his brother uses nail polish, and he wears purple. It seems he has a certain sexual orientation similar to one Miles Edgeworth.
Klavier Gavin:

"‎Achtung baby! Today we play it my way!"

"Herr Forehead, save your wild accusations for the court. I do so enjoy the penalties."

(sweatdrop) "Why was I not informed...?"
by ;lkjhfdsasa;sdlj October 16, 2010
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