When at an intersection, something that is 'kitty corner' to another will be on the opposite quadrant diagonally from the other. If you had, for example, the emipre state building on the top left, the sears tower on the top right, the freedom tower on the bottom left, and the transamerica tower on the bottom right-- the empire state building would be 'kitty corner' to the transamerica tower.
The clothin store is 'kitty corner' to the the market
by Clifton April 9, 2005
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something that is diagnolly across from something else
in the square, i was standing kitty corner to katie.
by Annab13 March 13, 2008
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The female version of "Cock Blocking"

When one woman interferes with the the obvious romantic connection between another woman and a man, thus ruining the initial woman's chances of "hooking" up with that man.
Stephanie totally KITTY CORNERED Chelsea at that party.
by big_spenderMT July 15, 2011
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The stupid sounding version of cattty corner found exclusively in Indiana.
Sometimes grasshoppers live kitty corner to pies.
by Smarty Guy January 27, 2009
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