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If someone has a fly outfit on, they're kitted. The clothes they're wearing are mad nice- from head to toe- like they got it from a kit. Therefore, they're kitted.
Person 1: Yo, did you see Sean's fit today? That shit was fire.
Person 2: Yeah bro, that ni**as kitted.
by fuhrari October 16, 2019
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When you are well equipped/have acquired lots of equipment. Modern adaptions to the word have developed in urban areas where ‘kitty’ is often used in place or alongside kitted. Kitty tends to be used in a more informal environment.
Person A
“All I need is a vertical foreskin and then my Scarl will be fully equipped

Person B
“I have a spare vertical foreskin I will drop for you”

Person A
“Sweet thanks. Kittyyy”

Person B
“Wow your kitted

Person C

by Jamie Freakston May 13, 2018
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A car which is equipped with a body kit consisting of a different front or rear bumper, or side skirts.
My paint is banana splitted,
inside is totally ignant,
Outside is totally kitted

-Nelly in the remix of throw some D's
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