If someone has a fly outfit on, they're kitted. The clothes they're wearing are mad nice- from head to toe- like they got it from a kit. Therefore, they're kitted.
Person 1: Yo, did you see Sean's fit today? That shit was fire.
Person 2: Yeah bro, that ni**as kitted.
by fuhrari October 17, 2019
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A car which is equipped with a body kit consisting of a different front or rear bumper, or side skirts.
My paint is banana splitted,
inside is totally ignant,
Outside is totally kitted

-Nelly in the remix of throw some D's
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from a 50 cent song about killing
I'm in that coupe phantom and bodies kittted
by ne March 7, 2005
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Short for Christopher this is a guys name as well and he will have heard the joke "oh yeah like kitkat" before and it will not be appreciated
by sailingkitten November 16, 2011
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noun, British. Slang for equipment, especially weapons, load bearing gear, etc.
Make sure your kit's squared away. We're on the move in thirty mikes.
by themagicalnegro August 20, 2011
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It's been great getting to know you better this year! Stay cool!!! KIT!!!!!!!!
by Anonymous November 2, 2001
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Clothes, something that is removed when someone gets their kit off. Originally Kittel, a white cotton or linen robe worn by orthodox Jews on certain holy days (also used as a shroud), overall, smock. Yiddish from MHG ultimately from Arabic source, cogn. with ‘cotton’
Helen Mirran is famous for taking her kit off
by klidenengro January 30, 2004
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