Kids at age 11-12 who are in their first year at secondary school
Year 7's are known for being cocky and disrespectful to older years. They think they are rock solid when, in actual fact, everyone laughs at them and picks on them because they are 'newbies'
Lots of people hate Year 7's. Mainly because of the fact that they think they own the school and run around everywhere with bags that are bigger than themselves.

Year 7's try to get themselves in trouble just to brag to their mates that they are on report card or they have a detention
Example 1:
Year 7: Awh m8 i forgot my readin book lol
Year 7#2: Narr u a savage init
Year 7: Yh ima get a detention an everythin
Example 2:
Year 9: *pushes him into a locker*
Year 7: Ay u cant do dat am younger then u hav sum respect m8 ima go tell da teacher an everythin
Example 3:
*A group of year 7's run down the corridor screaming*
Year 10: I fuken h8 year 7's
by CJP0133 July 26, 2017
that year were you think your coooooooooooooool. You have stupid truth or dares and rumours spread faster that the plauge
Shit we are going into Year 7
by CryingAlon August 17, 2018
That year we don't talk about and don't associate with because of the level of cringe that lies within it.
We don't need a reminder of year 7 so no examples needed
by Your_Waiter1124 August 22, 2022
In Australia, year 7's are the most annoying little turds on the face of this nation. Mostly 12-13 years old, these little fucks still think they hold the authority they had in year 6 when they were the top at elementary school, but must realise that once they enter high school (starts in year 7 in Aus) they might as well be little retarded kindergartners.

In recent years there has been a growing trend where year 7's are getting smaller, as in their muscles are extremely puny, their voices are really high and they have the faces of 10 year olds. Their attraction to girls is also fading, as none of them seem to have girlfriends/talk about girls. No one knows why this is happening, but its probably because of lack of meat. Eat moar beef you little fucks.
Year 11 guy: What the fuck you arrogant little bitch, know your place in life. Gb2 kitchen and make me a sammich.

Year 7 kid: But I don't want tooooooooooo
by LongcatistheBest April 1, 2009
Cocky little children who are in the youngest in secondary school and piss all the other years off.
year 7: AHHHHHHHH TIG! youre it! ahhahahahhahhaa
by O0O0OHNOSE.itsyamom. November 6, 2007
Full of gobby little shits who think they own the fucking school.
Year 7s are usually very cocky and will walk around in big groups blocking the path
They think their top dog and all the other years are nothing when actually older years are laughing at them
You’ll recognise a year 7 boy because he’ll usually be attempting to smoke and wearing fake designer shit
Year 7 girls are total sluts crying other one boyfriend then the next acting all bitchy with rolled up skirts that no one wants to see
Year 7 Boys
‘Oi What belts that’
‘Fucking Gucci it at the market’
‘Fuck that’s neat I’ll be getting one of those all those year 11s will think I’m hard now’

Year 7 Girls
‘And then he’s like your pathetic and I’m just crying cause I put my heart out to him right and he’s just stomped on it like I’ve Sacrificed so much for him and It’s not fair like I’m a woman he should be treating me with respect like I proper wanna punch him now but I don’t wanna see the little bastard
by Hello hello hello kitty October 8, 2019
The first year of high school in Australia.
There are three types of year sevens:

1. the good ones who constantly say sorry for everything

2. the ones who haven't updated their humour since year four, and carry around their 3 in 1 smiggle pencilcase like a pet, mingling in the main year 7 building
3. the ones who try to be eshays etc, constantly attempting to assert their dominance and be the alpha, usually congregating on the basketball courts

they walk in big packs like soccer mothers, blocking up the corridors, growing very angry and irritated if you try to get through. during period breaks they will usually clog up the entrances because they have never heard of the side doors.

They brew controversies and spread rumours faster than the plague. They enjoy graffitiing the whole school because it makes them feel important. for example, they may choose to engrave something into a tree, or write some dumbass message on a desk or mirror.

by the time the end of the year comes, half of them remain the same and half of them realise theyve been dicks and start acting more like little year 8s.

Each year, the year 7s get smaller and the bags get bigger. They tend to run off to class as fast as their little legs will take them.
by fredd0fr0g September 13, 2021