v. to show respect, often used in the imperative tense.

This phrase originated as a result of the protocols observed during audiences with the catholic pope. At the close of the audience, the subordinate would traditionally show his respect to the leader of the church by kissing the papal sigil ring.
"I've got a 2pm meeting with the boss... but I'm not about to kiss the rings."

"You just got crushed 49-0 in Madden-- kiss the rings, bitch!"
by Master Control April 22, 2007
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Kiss The Ring

When someone physically kisses you’re ring or fist the person male or female has given everything value to you including (private possessions , lands , blood line , heritage, virginity, pride , honor , and or every human rights are all gone to this individual that you kissed his ring . Kissing the ring comes in many different forms chat , talking and body language an example if a person is saying something stupid or something that can be corrected in a alpha way the person correcting him has made him kiss his ring now the victim being corrected has two choices either kiss the ring and he will become his bitch beta or try and make the victim kiss his ring. Making him or her kiss you’re ring is a hard game but not ignorable and that is what it means good luck

Someone making you kiss the ring is very common be careful from these test and be ready Alphas! Or you have to 😘 D 💍
I told him to back off and “kissed my ring “as he backed off

Yo bro be careful his making you “kiss his ring”

Kiss the ring
by Tomnar tas-sess September 21, 2019
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Euphemism for licking or kissing the rectal opening. Historical reference includes kissing the king's hand as a tribute or gesture of thanks, in return for being granted special access or position.
"We won't be allowed to do this until we 'kiss the ring'"
by wowallthegoodnamesaretaken August 30, 2011
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1.) In the medieval period and up until the present, rank was often signified by the wearing of a ring (i.e. Popes, Kings, Dukes, etcetera). One would kiss a person ring to show submission to authority. 2.) Parodied today by the detail that the anus is referred to as, and one might argue resembles, a ring...
1.) 'My liege' bending down on one knee and kissing extended hand bearing ring

2.) Turning one's arse toward a person perceived as an idiot and uttering 'Kiss my ring!'
by Nehustan September 22, 2010
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originated in the student area of tafalgar place brynmill, the expression in which a personn invites another individual to kiss "in and around" the anal opening. Usually used in banter or other sarcastic phrases. This phrase is rarely used literally, unless they are up for "shits and gigs"
Batman once wrote on a picture comment "kiss my ring", as the the comment made about her was offensive banter! It was said to get her own back, and create a mildly disturbing vision in the recievers mind!
by Megan-Batman October 17, 2008
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A person who invites another to "Kiss my Ring", invites the person theoretically to kiss in and around the anal opening. Originally from the Brynmill area of Swansea, usually used by pervy students
"Just walk onto it"
"Eurgh.. Kiss my ring"
by Nuuuuh..Batman! February 1, 2009
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(A phrase from Mario Puzo's The Godfather ) meaning: respect my authority, or else...suffer the negative consequences.
Mother: I refuse to help you to save your sinking Titanic, now, kiss the Don's ring, or die trying. Adam, go do your homework.

Adam:get of my planet, at least for now, ill do my homework later.

Mother: okay, but, lol, I'm cutting off your allowance if you don't do your homework at all.

Adam: got that.
by Sexydimma May 3, 2014
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