not the thing that the jews wear but itr sed wen some one misses something that is unmissable.
*jamie misses a shot in pool*
other boy: ure a kippa!! uhah!!!
by Uhah boy February 1, 2008
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dumb tart on vcdq that cant spell, has no life, or people skills. he is commonly at war with wordKenshinX/word
KeshinX has been kicked by kippa (luser)
by The Bong July 1, 2003
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goes well with a chop suey, bit fuckin chewy tho,
by the fuuuuuuur June 26, 2003
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A cunning man who wears a subtle kippa at a party to attract religious women.
Kippa Boy wears a kippa to every party. Women believe he wears it for religious purposes, but he has other intentions. Rabbis, lock up your daughters because this is one Kippa wearing boy that is not Shomer Negiah.
by Kippa Boy March 7, 2011
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