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Man, Mike just got a '99 ITR!
by shwin September 02, 2003
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in that regard
George: It's 97 degrees in florida today
Matt: It's only 74 in pennsylvania. <3 pa more than fl itr
by carlez June 11, 2010
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Inner Thigh Rub. Rubbing the inner thigh of a woman who obviously likes you, but you adamantly deny liking back. An ITR is performed in public with limited attempt to conceal from onlookers. Frequently a second woman will become enraged with jealousy when witnessing and ITR and later spit insults about the ITR recipient to the guy.
John: "Eric that ITR on Janis last night wasn't very discrete"

Eric: "Yea I guess you're right. Terry saw too and got very angry with me. She asked why I would do that with such an ugly girl."

John: "Wow she said that? She must have been really pissed. Janis is pretty good looking."
by ChristmasQ May 20, 2011
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