Excellent, superb, of the highest quality. Originally referred specifically to films.
Dude, that song was kino. Play it again.
by Cheesy on my Peeny August 12, 2019
The highest tier of motion pictures (Joints, Flicks, Movies, Films, Cinema, Kino)

A Kino is a film for intellectuals, for those who appreciate true art. Plebs who enjoy the works of filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino wouldn't be able to handle the sociological concepts or admire the masterfully-executed yet intentionally-mistransmitted messages that always seem to fly right over lesser minds undetected. These films are steeped in an understanding of the world and exuding it unto others like a blessing from heaven. Made by important thinkers, unlike bar-lowered garbage-content-pushers like Spike Lee or some other pleb-bait,
Pleb: "Man, that new Marvel joint was SO AWESOME!!!

Patrician: "Get out of my sight, pleb. Real men watch Kino like Le Ravageur. Go back to IMDb"
by Kek Master April 9, 2016
One of the greatest bands in Russian history. Kino consisted of Yuri Kasparyan, Igor Tikhomerov, Georgij Gurianov, and legendary vocalist Viktor Tsoy. Kino did many songs that are still famous in Russia today, such as "Kukushka" (Cuckoo) and "Deti prokhodnykh Dvorov" (Children from the Crossing Yards). Sadly, Kino does not exist anymore, since Viktor Tsoy was killed in a car accident in 1990.
Kukushka is one of the most famous russian songs ever.
by Zicdeh February 8, 2005
Kino - Kinesthetics - Touching, physical contact with a female
by brendan May 13, 2004
The act of making flirtatious physical contact with a person of sexual interest. Generally considered to be a vital tool in one's "Game Belt."
Hopefully I can get some action by using a little kino on the ladies tonight.
by Mishary March 20, 2006
Initiating physical contact with a girl, in order to induce sexual vibes and get the girl in the mood. Often used together with NLP as a powerful combination in seducing a girl. By doing kino, one also demonstrates his high alpha values and let's the girl know he is a sexual creature.

Something AFC will never do, because he is too nice, gentleman and goes against his code of chivalry.
Kino is the difference between getting a girl and not getting a girl
by X-fireDude January 19, 2009
A Call of Duty Zombies map which is an abandoned German theater.
Hey I got to round 54 on Kino.
by PoperlichkingGerila April 16, 2019