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A russian pop-band, who's act was that they were lesbians. Their name comes from the russian "Ta devushka lyubit tu devushku", literally 'That girl loves that girl'.

They were huge for about a year, until Yulia (the black haired one) got pregnant.
Tatu weren't really lesbians.
by Zicdeh February 07, 2005
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One of the greatest bands in Russian history. Kino consisted of Yuri Kasparyan, Igor Tikhomerov, Georgij Gurianov, and legendary vocalist Viktor Tsoy. Kino did many songs that are still famous in Russia today, such as "Kukushka" (Cuckoo) and "Deti prokhodnykh Dvorov" (Children from the Crossing Yards). Sadly, Kino does not exist anymore, since Viktor Tsoy was killed in a car accident in 1990.
Kukushka is one of the most famous russian songs ever.
by Zicdeh February 07, 2005
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A rather large member of the clarinet family, the Contrabass Clarinet is in the key of B-flat, and is one octave below the bass clarinet, which in turn is one octave lower than the regular B-flat clarinet.
There are two types of Contrabass Clarinet- the Straight Contra and the Curved Contra. Curved Contrabasses are approximately two and a half feet long and doubles back on it self three, or sometimes four times. The straight contrabass clarinet does not double back on itself, and as a result is well over five feet in length.

The contrabass clarinet is not often used, as it is a rather rare instrument, but when it is used, it usually doubles with the Contrabassoon, or the regular Bassoon.
I play the Contrabass Clarinet in the orchestra.
by Zicdeh February 11, 2005
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A word used in Counter-Strike to define a player who constantly uses either the Terrorist H&K G3/SG-1 or the Counter-Terrorist SG-550 Automatic Sniper Rifles, because of the complete lack of skill involved in wielding them.
"OMFG, that autobitch is camping in the same spot again!"
by Zicdeh January 17, 2005
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