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adjective: to describe something of superior quality.
killah; this bud is killah, that movie was killah, that fly puma track suit is killah. killah bees on the swarm.
by clive xavier August 25, 2004
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noun: a pidgin term for marijuana. specifically really good marijuana. this definition is derived from the standard english "killers"

adj/adv: a pidgin term meaning awesome, or exceptional.
noun: "brah get yo bong i wen grab some killahs"

adj: "ho bulleh dat spear is killahs"

adv: "brah dat right hook you wen crack um wit was killahs"
by hawaiianstile June 14, 2011
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A person who has commited murder at least once in there life time. May also be used in place of Dude, Nigga, Dawg etc.
That guy is a fuckin killah!
What up killah
by KiStone 1000 February 05, 2003
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Someone very mindless the only task they can manage is to kill . Often seen in RM section Wincoll CCF, or Kenneaz.
"Laurie is such a Killah",
"My name is Seargant Laurie but you can call me killah"
"Why do you want to be a Marine", "Coz I am a killah"
by Long Dong Silver October 17, 2005
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