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noun: a term used in pidgin that is applied to a person. it is most often a very friendly term, but can be used when the people conversing are not friendly towards each other.
1. "sup bulleh" or "howzit bulleh"
2. "what bulleh!? get problem?"
by hawaiianstile June 14, 2011
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Bulleh (spelled phonetically) :

Used as slang in hawaiian pigeon. It is used between men primarily, however, plenty women will address a man with this salutation. It stems from the word "bully". In hawaiian pigeon the "U" is sounded/pronounced "ooh" so the word has been slurred from "Bully" too "boo leh".
Often a man will greet another with "Hey boo leh, howzit?" It is like saying "your the bull/ bully, you dah man." It is just a nice way to say "You dah man and I will be submissive to you"
1) "yo' whassup bulleh, howzit ?"
2) "No way Iam do'n dat, you dah bulleh, you do it.."
by Kaleoaloha May 17, 2006
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