To release your frustration and powerlessness by snapping at an innocent person or creature who just happens to be handy. Usually following a bad day at work.
1. The Chief Executive bawled out the manager, and the manager bawled me out. Boy, when I got home I wanted to kick the cat.

2. 'So, Sam, you've had a lousy day at work: I'm sorry, but don't take it out on me just because you can't take it out on your boss: don't kick the cat.
by benbisley March 4, 2008
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To fuck. "A kick at the cat": a fuck. "Cat" from "pussy" and its furry nature, and "kick" probably because of the similarity of the thrusting action to violent kicks.
Dude, I'm so dyin' to kick the cat tonight!
by Loco Moco June 16, 2006
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When A Man upsets his wife/girlfrriend he does not get sex for a week or so. Expression coming from -

A little boy comes home from school and is walking in the front yard, he kicks a pig then walks some more, kicks a cow, and goes inside. His mother saw all this.

Mom- I saw What you did. For kicking the pig no bacon for a week, and for kicking the cow, no milk for a week.

Dad walks in the house and kicks the cat.

Boy- Should i tell him or should you?
Jeff- How are you and stephanie?

Mike- Not good, i broke her mothers antique vase.

Jeff- DAMN, you sure are kicking the cat !
by kikokiko95 July 23, 2009
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This is the sentence that describes the action of "sucking dick". this is used so others will not know what you are talking about and will keep your private information between you and your friends. this originated from one friend telling the other about this situation and telling them to keep it a secret but when it slipped up this was used to cover the secret.
by hecking cool person June 18, 2019
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A final opportunity to accomplish something, usually after previous unsuccessful tries or else no previous opportunity at all.
This will be the coach's last kick at the cat to win a championship; he's retiring after this year.
by Woody Thomas May 26, 2007
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Phrase that means take your anger out on your own. Don't hand it (your anger) off onto someone else because you'll only be ruining someone else's day. To take someone's anger out on someone undeserving of it.

The story is: The boss learned that her company lost a client and so angrily fires an employee. The employee has a family of three and a wife to feed. He gets home disappointed, upset, and angered and so yells at his wife because the steak was a little raw. The wife after slaving at the stove for hours becomes pissed. She shouts at her eldest to stop trying to break his neck and do something with his life other than skateboard. The eldest, a regional-winning skateboarder becomes angry and on his way to his room, pushes past his younger brother saying "Watch it buddy, I'm not in the mood." The younger brother, who loves his older brother & practices everyday on his skateboard to be like him, becomes so uncontrollably irate that he goes back into his room, sees his cat sitting on the bed and kicks him.

The point is: You can't control whats going to happen in a day. It's best to think it over for another day. And to save a lot of people a lot of weariness and hard feelings, kick your own damn cat!
"Oh Steve! Just shut up and kick your own cat!" Cindy said. "I was perfectly happy 'til you came in here grumbling like that."
by some guy from the internet October 14, 2014
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When you feel that desperate need to just hammer back that one last thing before your suppose to stop it forever.
Wife: “Your a fucking piss tank! Your fucking drunk right now! You piece of shit! You better stop your drinking or I’m going to leave!”

Degenerate husband: (grabs full 26oz of Smirnoff vodka from liquor cabinet)

“Ya ya ya, one more kick at the cat

(Diesels half the 26oz of vodka)
by Reyzor December 19, 2019
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