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The "Denver Split" occurs when a guy starts to take a piss and the stream splits into two streams that go different directions. Usually this only lasts a couple of seconds, sometimes it persists. I first heard this term in 1966 and can't believe there's no google hits on it to this very day!
"I had a huge Denver Split and pissed all over the floor."
"Why is just your right shoe wet? Didja have a Denver Split?
"What a Denver Split! I actually crossed streams with the guy standing next to me."
by Loco Moco October 10, 2013
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Northeast / Midwest? verb for "mock", "make someone look foolish" or "play a prank" - from '60s
"Let's pimp Jason by calling his squeeze and pretending to be docs from the VD Clinic!" (or) "I didn't read the assignment and the teacher pimped the shit out of me in class."
by Loco Moco October 19, 2004
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New title given to George Bush by the Latvians; posters with his face and "Welcome, Peace Duke!" were plastered all over the country during his recent visit.

"Peace Duke" sounds just like "PIZDHUK" in Slavic languages, which is an obscenity that translates roughly to:

-- Little Cunt
-- Cunt-Lapper
-- Cunt Dweller

Sounds, and implies, something like the English "Piss-ant" but much nastier!
by Loco Moco May 18, 2005
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Rock-paper-scissors game, usually pronounced "junk an' a po".
When playing jan-ken-pon: "Junk an' a PO! (show hand sign) I canna' SHOW! (show hand sign)" Or the long version "Junk an' a monk an' a socka socka PO! (show hand sign) Wailupe, Wailupe, bang bang JOE! (show hand sign)" No fair atomic bombs!
by Loco Moco December 29, 2005
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To fuck. "A kick at the cat": a fuck. "Cat" from "pussy" and its furry nature, and "kick" probably because of the similarity of the thrusting action to violent kicks.
Dude, I'm so dyin' to kick the cat tonight!
by Loco Moco June 16, 2006
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When you have such low riding and phat leg shorts (and your dick dangles so low) that you can just stand nonchalantly in the gutter and take a piss straight down the inside of your pants leg, not get a drop on your pants, and nobody even suspects you're taking a piss.
Yo, I can't believe you shizzled yo' pizzle right there in front of the White House.
by Loco Moco October 22, 2004
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