persian for donkey.can be used to call some one dumb or an idiot.
to kheily khar hasty!
(you are really dumb!)
by PersianPrincess April 12, 2006
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An Iranian way to describe a wild and or eventful situation. Literally translates to ‘donkey in donkey’. The literal definition of Parisa’s life
Reza: Hamechy Khar to Khare
Parya Khanoom: Vaghan! Yek hafteh, 4 aroosi!
Reza: Everything is ‘Khar to khar
Parya Khanoom: Seriously, tell me about it! One week, 4 weddings!
by Iranians October 3, 2019
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A sound similar to a grunt; a hollow laugh; an indication that something is not even close to funny.

Pronounciation: 7'arr-7'arr
Lola: I love lifting weights almost as much as I love lifting Chemistry books.

Hola: Khar-khar. Not funny.
by Hmmph April 19, 2005
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Jackass/Donkey in Farsi.People who are dumb are often refered to as Khars.
Yunus is as dumb as a Khar.
by Persianballa June 21, 2007
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Khar is a word in persian meaning Beautiful. I courage you to use it.
Me: You're daughter is so khar.
You: Thank you, she got it from me.
by Rainbowkitten234 January 25, 2022
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Kir means dick and khar means donkey. So kire khar means donkey dick! Donkey's dick is very big comparing to it's body.
by Bitarbiat February 4, 2009
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