When news spread that Dave had developed a tumor on his left testicle, he came to be known as Dave Khare.
by Nakanak_Galilae October 23, 2019
Khare is like one of those really nice. they are kind people that will open up to you after getting to know them better. Being with them makes you feel better than being by yourself
Hey do you know who Khare is? Oh yea! I like hanging around with them
by nobody.knows June 7, 2022
I fuck nigga that always talk about timbs. This nigga won't share shit and a little punk bitch
Aye there go that nigga with the fake timbs. That's suck a kharee
by Another random nigga October 7, 2017
That one bitch nigga who never share but is strong af
there go that annoying ass nigga kharee
by That one bitch tf December 13, 2019
Thurl boul very calm guy doesn’t really care for much super nonchalant attracted to Hispanic females
Yeah dat guy KHAREE a quiet boul
by Ree7 November 22, 2021