A term which originated in the west to pack up a group of regions and nations which have different languages, history, and culture. People there do not think of themselves as "middle eastern". They think of themselves as either Arabs, Turks, Persians .... and I can keep naming ethnicities for a long time.

Another misconception is that what is called the middle east is mainly a desert. Most countries in the so-called middle east have only a limited desert area and others do not have deserts at all.

Most countries in the so-called middle east have a lot of problems because of past or present western colonialism occupation or intervention.
A missled person: I've been to the middle east.
Another person: Could you be more specific?

First Person: When are these middle eastern people are going to stop having trouble?
Second Person: When WE LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!
by commentator January 25, 2008
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A giant sandbox.

People live in it.
I went to the middle east and I got sand in my Shawarma.
by YayForSuicide October 9, 2006
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An area comprising the countries of southwest Asia and northeast Africa. In the 20th century the region has been the continuing scene of political and economic turmoil.

The Middle East is well known for countries such as Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria.
Dont go to the middle east. There be Raggis and dot heads in that shit hole.
by Md Boost August 23, 2005
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slang for the middle of the eastern seaboard, a.k.a. drama city, murdaland, southern delaware, and nova
there's a crack war in tha middle east
by nena sarafina April 5, 2006
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A land full of oil, chaos and mostly Muslims and the USA loves it because of the oil also the USA goes to any middle east country and gives the country "freedom" so they can get more oil and fight terrorists.
Guy 1: i love the middle east so diverse
Guy 2: and filled with chaos.
by it.tas.com March 29, 2021
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A place where oil is cheaper than water.
A place where telephone company's hack foreign people's phone bill.
A place where is the best hotel in the world.
A place where the temperature gets up to 50 degrees centigrade.
A place where you can trade your Toyota for millions of gallons of oil.
A place where the biggest kite is built.
A place where there is thousands of princes and princesses.
A place where George W. Bush hates most.
A place where an average of 3 people get executed per week.
A place where beer is created.
A place where Algebra is created.
A place of the fathers of physics.
A place of the fathers of astronomy.
A place where you breathe 50% carbon dioxide.
A place where the Nation of Islam is born.
A place where 10% of the internet users use internet for Islamic purposes.
A place where 7 people on average die of car crashes.
A place where there is no free time.
Write me more comments :P Middle East
by ArabDudeFelasteen February 1, 2009
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A Dangerous Place that's basically a giant pot of religious tension in one desert region of the world.
by WELP September 1, 2016
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