a sexy girl from the ghetto with a sexy body and a smart head on her
she's hott and get all the boyz
by shanna April 08, 2005
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Most amazing girl in the world. Ghetto person, skilled at almost everything, nice body, friendly.
Wow, who's that girl? Oh, I don't know her name but she's a total kesha!
by alexisawesomelikeohdee October 12, 2010
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Kesha- amazingly beautful, and she knows it. She has a wonderful personality but thinks differently. Around friends she is very outgoing. You will be lucky to have her as a friend for she is very loyal and trustworthy. You are ether on her good side or on her bad side. There are few peolpe she dosent like. but she can make there lives hell if she wants to. She trys to help everybody, and will give you any advice she can if you need it. She will tell you things you need to hear, and it dosent matter if you wanna hear it or not. She has many admirers but dosent know it. If you’re lucky enough to be with her, dont screw it up. The feeling she has for anybody will last no matter what. She loves with all her heart. Don’t loose her.
Kesha is the girl of my dreams
by PrinceCharming28 December 21, 2018
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kesha is high grade weed. The rap group CASH Out uses this term.
riding with a hoe named Kesha smoking on kesha.
by brandothegreat March 23, 2013
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A crazy person who has used every drug drank every bottle and had sex with everyone. Basically the life of the party.
Me: OMG I'm having the time of my life at this party!
Friend: wow you're such a Kesha!
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by Mo_blues December 09, 2018
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Kesha is a bad bitch with 3 kids a husband and has some good good.She is it period and does hair for a living.
by The girl mia October 14, 2019
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Some weird dude that, despite being russian, pass out after 6 beers, but once you get to know him he´s the best, even though he wants to fight everyone. Proper dressing is a tracksuit and he is soft.
Yo, Kesha, waddup?
Yo, let´s fuck up those guys, they look like troubles!
Ooh man, here we go again))
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by Samogonniy dom April 02, 2020
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