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Brookline MA slang for "That's a bullshit lie" or just a way of saying you're in the process of getting high.
Guy#1: Yo man i made $1000 mowing lawns...Guy#2: Ohh i beleive u, KERK!......Yo im trying to kerk right now.
by Get Cree April 30, 2010
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Synonym for Church. Can be meant as the house of worship or as a term meaning "peace!"
Hey, it's Sunday, why ain't you at the Kerk?

Yeah, my spigga, that's shit's hard, Kerk!
by Drizzy Flishzle runs thi$ Art December 18, 2009
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Kerked, Kerkin; Adjective; to describe someone who is workin it and killin it at the same time. Werkin/Killin (Werk is another way to spell the word 'work') the words 'Workin' and 'Killin' both describe someone doing a great job at something (it), in other terms, owning something. The terms "Work" and "Killin it" are used all of the time in the dance world, what better than to combine the two words.
She is totally kerkin it right now on that stage!!!" "You betta KERKKKKKK girl" ; "Look at her kerkin that runway"; "You just kerked that whole floor"; "Kerk it!", "Kerkin it!", "Kerrrrrrk" "Go Kerk, own it
by KerkinJerkinJay December 12, 2010
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